The Basic Toolkit

Even if you aren’t a regular DIY enthusiast every home should have a good basic toolkit. Below we outline a good all purpose toolkit and the different tools it contains. Almost everyone will need a screwdriver, torch, or adjustable spanner from time to time, and it is worthwhile accumulating individual items as and when you need them, and adding to these when you are able to afford it. A lot of the large home improvement stores like Home Depot will contain a starter kit which you can add to over time.

Many tools are expensive and as a general rule it is best to invest in quality, since a well-made item will last a lifetime for most household needs. Unfortunately you do normally get what you pay for and invariably, cheaper tools will break or fail to do the job they are intended for, so always buy the best quality tool you can afford.

Tool Box

Your tool box should be sturdy and have a large enough capacity for your future needs. Most tool boxes contain a variety of compartments and larger tool boxes may also feature wheels to help with moving your tool box around.

Claw Hammer

This is the most versatile of hammers and can be used to driving nails and also levering them out.

Adjustable Spanner

This is suited to many tasks as its jaws may be adjusted to fit a variety of nuts and bolts.

Plier Wrench

This is a multi-purpose tool with adjustable jaws for gripping a variety of materials particularly in plumbing.

Combination Pliers

A gripping tool used for holding, turning and pulling different fittings.


Useful for removing old decorative coverings and scraping loose paint.


Handy during power cuts or in dark, non lit areas such as crawl spaces.


A sharp pencil is essential for making markings, particularly on wood.


You should have a selection of both slot head and cross headed screwdrivers in the popular sizes (particularly 1,2 and 3).

Electrical Screwdriver

This is useful for testing for live current as well as working on plugs and other electrical devices.

Nail Punch

Useful for knocking nails below surface level.


This is used for marking and starting holes and fixing points.


Ideally a set of three or four bevel edged chisels for working with wood.

Craft Knife

A sharp utility knife used for many cutting purposes.

Panel Saw

This is the most versatile type of saw which can be used of a large variety of materials.

Junior Hacksaw

Small fine-toothed saw designed for cutting metal and other hard materials such as UPVC

Tape Measure

A retractable tape measure is one of the most useful tools in your toolbox.

Spirit Level

Used to provide horizontal and vertical guide lines when positioning items like shelves or pictures.

Electrical Tape

Also called insulation tape, which is used in a variety of electrical tasks.


This is a thin tape which is used on threaded plumbing connections to prevent leaks.

Safety Equipment

You should have work gloves, dust masks and safety goggles to protect yourself during DIY work.

Cordless Drill Driver

A cordless drill with a variety of drill bits and screwdriver bits is one of the most useful tools you will have.

Portable Workbench

A fold-able workbench will provide a sturdy workstation for many DIY tasks. It’s easy to move and folds for storage.

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