Black & Decker JS660 Jig Saw


Black & Decker’s Smart Select JS660 jigsaw takes the guesswork out of making the right jigsaw cut. With the new Smart Select cut feature you set the jigsaw for optimal cutting. A range of visual application icons illustrates where to set the jigsaw for curved, straight, or beveled cuts in wood, plastic, or metal. Each icon indicates a speed setting on the variable speed dial which when set, provides the best cutting performance and finish for the application. The separate variable speed dial also offers individual speed control for custom applications. An easy to set accu-bevel with vision window allows you to set the jigsaw at 0, 15, 30, 45 degrees, or left or right quickly and precisely for the most accurate beveled cuts. The jigsaw’s quick clamp tool free blade change offers easy blade changes for both U-shank and T-shank blades. Blades are quickly and easily inserted or removed from the saw with a spring-activated lever–no screwdriver or Allen wrenches required. This powerful 5 amp jigsaw provides 0-3200 strokes per minute. It also features a dust blower and extraction tube, a tool-free beveling shoe, and on-board blade storage. With Smart Select, you set it and forget it. Both experienced and beginning do-it-yourselfers will appreciate knowing and learning the best performance setting for their projects. With easy-to-read application icons, it helps eliminate the trial and error of cutting and ruining your material.

Product Features

  • SmartSelect technology automatically sets the jigsaw to optimize any cutting application
  • Variable speed dial provides seven speed settings (800 to 3,000 rpm)
  • Cuts wood, metal, and plastic, makes straight and curved cuts
  • Powerful 5 amp motor, tool-free blade changes
  • 2-year limited warranty, includes one blade

Power and Performance

With Black & Decker’s JS660 jig saw’s SmartSelect functionality the guesswork is taken out of cutting jobs. The SmartSelect dial has seven settings, and once it’s in place it automatically sets the optimal orbital setting for the task at hand. Combine the SmartSelect with the saw’s 5-amp variable-speed motor, with 3,000 spm, and this saw is ready to take on a variety of cutting situations.

Comfort and Convenience

Black & Decker’s JS660 jig saw has an Accu-Bevel lever that delivers quicker, more accurate bevel angle adjustments of up to 45 degrees with a quick-action lever and indicator window. The saw also has a tool-free blade change which makes changing blades much less trouble and that saves time on project completion. The saw’s onboard blade storage means that tracking down the right blade isn’t a hassle, the adjustable shoe lends a stable cutting platform, and a channel for site lines makes it possible to see cuts without trouble. Finally, a saw dust blower aids in making sure that the cutting space stays cleaner.

Dust Extraction

A saw dust blower aids in making sure that the cutting space stays cleaner.


2 year warranty

What’s in the Box

One Black & Decker JS660 jig saw, one blade.

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